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Volunteer in Kenya-With Vicods

Volunteer in Kenya with VICODS today.

VICODS’ local staff in Kenya require volunteers NOW! VICODS has a wide range of volunteering projects available in both rural and urban Kenya, including Teaching, Orphanage Work, Sports Education, HIV/AIDS Work, Music Education, Women Empowerment and Medical Placement.


VICODS has volunteer placements located in suburban Nairobi (Ongata Rongai). 


Programs begin at the convenience of the volunteer. Volunteers can choose to volunteer for periods running from 1 week to 3 months. Arrangements can be made for those willing to volunteer for a longer period. (Maximum of six months)


VICODS has very adequate volunteer accommodation facilities.

Volunteers are accommodated in a home stay, where they live with a local Kenyan family. We give your host family money from your program fee for support, food and board. It is exciting to stay with a family and offers you the opportunity to learn the Kenyan way of life, meet local people, eat local food and engage in local customs and traditions. Living is basic but the large majority of home stays have electricity and running water (some rural home stays may not have electricity or running water during times of drought). Volunteers can expect to share a room with one or two other volunteers.

Regardless of the tribe or culture of your host family, you will have the opportunity to sample some authentic Kenyan cuisine. Kenyans eat three meals in a day and breakfast generally consists of Chai (tea), toast, cereal, fruit and mandazi (deep fried dough). A typical lunch can include meat and vegetables with rice, sandwiches and fruit, while dinner usually sees traditional food such as ugali, chapati, mboga and irio accompany the meat and vegetables. Breakfast is eaten in the morning, then lunch is served around 1 PM (or you can take a packed lunch if you wish to eat at your placement) and dinner is served at 7 to 8 PM. Bottled water is readily available in Kenya and volunteers should budget approximately US$5 per week for this (2 liters per day). If you have any special dietary requirements, please make a note of this in your application, so we can make arrangements for you. However, we need to stress the point that you should not expect to eat as you normally do at home. We will do our best to see that you are well taken care of, but as a volunteer, there is a need to be flexible. 


Orientation begins on the morning, a day after your arrival. Orientation will be conducted by our local staff in Nairobi and cover everything you need to know for your volunteering program in Kenya – Introduction to Kenya, Kenyan Customs, Language Training (Kiswahili), Rules and Expectations, Safety, Travel Opportunities in Kenya, Introduction to your Project and Placement.



One of the strengths of VICODS VOLUNTTER PROGRAM  is our extremely affordable fees. Click here to see the program cost to volunteer in Kenya and what you receive in exchange for your fees.



First Day: On the first day of the volunteering placement, volunteers are escorted to their placement and are introduced to the staff they will be working with.Weekdays: While our programs are flexible and can be fitted to your requirements, an example of a typical day is as follows.

  • 7.30AM Breakfast with the host family.
  • 8.00AM Volunteer leaves home and walks to the placement. 
  • 8.30AM-12.30PM Volunteer joins with the local staff and is given a duty roster and a plan for the work. There is usually a morning tea break and lunch break. Work and hours are dependent on the project and placement that the volunteer is working at.
  • 2.00PM-4.00PM Work at the placement usually ends.
  • Volunteers are free to go sight-seeing or to do some shopping. Usually there will be a guide to take you around. You may also want to spend time with the kids up to around 6.00PM.
  • 8.00PM Dinner with the host family.

Weekends: During the weekends, volunteers have spare time and usually just relax or take the opportunity to explore the neighborhood. During long holidays, volunteers can embark on a safari to other parts of Kenya